Rye Students Voice Their Opinions on 2020 Graduation


For those that haven’t heard, it has recently been announced by the RHS administration that the tradition of graduating on the turf will be broken for the spring of 2020.  They have claimed the turf will be unavailable in June of 2020 due to the construction that will be starting in May, in order have a new completed turf and track, for the start of fall preseason.  A new turf and track is a key component in the recently passed $80 million capital bond proposal, so their goal is to have construction completed as quickly as possible. However, by starting construction in May they are completely disregarding spring sports that will most likely still be in playoffs when construction starts. In my opinion, playoffs is a much more crucial time to have a home field than the first few weeks of preseason.  Listen to members of the RHS community speak out about the issue here: