The Fortnite Fanatics


This is an image of a few but not all of the Fortnite Fanatics together hanging out and winding down after a long day of intense gaming.

Many people have been addicted to the video game Fortnite.  People around the world have been playing and loving it.  Although recently with the release of season 10 the game has seen some decline in players primarily because of the new mechs.  The mechs are classified as a vehicle but they are really just big robots with a crazy amount of health and can fire rockets.  The mechs are extremely overpowered and have angered many people causing people to stop playing the game all together.  Despite this hiccup in the game a group of seniors still gets together every night partake in competitive and high stakes gameplay in the mini-game called zone wars.

This is an all out free for all private game mode where everyone in the game is fighting to be the last one standing.  Often times the games will get very heated and the game chat will erupt with screaming matches after someone wins or looses a gunfight or build battle.  Fellow senior and bottom tier pool basketball player Kevin Abadonza is often quoted saying “this game sucks” or an enthusiastic “C’mon Bro!” after be absolutely clobbered but another player in the lobby.  In most cases the winner of the game will be a man who goes by TrickyApollo also known as Sean Thompson.  I had a chance to talk to Sean about his gameplay and he said, “playing zone wars with the boys is a great stress reliever for me.”  With all the stress of the college application process for the seniors this year, playing Fortnite really helps let some of that out.  Former zone wars super star turned bot OvechkinRox, better known as Sasha Vasyuta has recently run into some problems at home caused by these group Fortnite games.  There have been several sources stating that “Sash got his Xbox taken away for being to loud at night while his baby sister is trying to sleep” which was caused by absolute madness while playing zone wars.  Senior at Rye High School, Dave’s Dollar Store employee, and friend of mine Ryan Carroll aka (also known as) WhiteVick is a particular ray of sunshine in the Fortnite Zone Wars squad of hysteria.  Carroll is not exactly the best player in the gang but he is always a welcome presence and quite the comedian in the chat from, his daily roast session on Sasha for his disgraceful Russian heritage to his random comments after someone looses to him in a gunfight, on several occasions he has been heard saying “no, more goats for you!” which is usually said in a hilarious accent loosely based on Gru from the movie Despicable Me.  Many players in the lobby have a pretty specific routine they like to follow before getting online to play fort a specific example of this is notorious sweat Max Mccomb who on several occasions has made it known that he loves to, “to care of some business in the bathroom” to prevent any mid-game unwanted surprises.  I will be catching up with many others in the senior class who are involved in this small rye Fortnite gaming community in the weeks to come.