Words Of Wisdom from the Junior Class

Catherine Egan


This is a list of the top 5 things I learned in junior year. 


  1. Junior year is overrated

Coming into junior year, I was so scared of the workload and tests that everyone freaks out about, but after reflecting on this year,  I think junior was definitely challenging sometimes but was overall a good year. I had time to finish my work and never had all the mental breakdowns that I was expecting to have. Obviously, if you are taking a lot of AP classes, you should prepare yourself for a rigorous, workload, but you can do it!


  1. ACT and SAT

These standardized tests aren’t tests of intelligence, but rather they are tests of how many times you practice the sections and how fast you can finish each section. Especially in Rye, the expectations are overwhelmingly high for both the SAT and ACT. This puts a lot of pressure on students to get the score their peers are getting. The most important thing I’ve learned about these tests is that they’re not a testament to how smart you are.


  1. Managing stress

During junior year, I learned how to manage stress and how to not get overwhelmed during busier weeks. I learned that getting stressed doesn’t make your situation any better, so you should just start your work early and do it efficiently. Thinking about the task at hand, and not your other work, calms you down and slowly but surely allows you to finish all the work that you need to get done.


  1. The library is a common place for juniors

Before junior year, I never went to the library. This year, however, I spent all of my free periods and my lunch period in the library among my peers. The library was never quiet, which made it a fun library and a place where people could eat food and talk to their friends and do work. If you wanted to study in a quieter area, you could go to the quiet room. On an average day in junior year, I can say that I spent at least 90 minutes of my day in the library, and I wouldn’t take it back.


  1. AP preparation

Even though I took AP World my sophomore year, I still was nervous to take APs this year. I learned that preparing for the APs sooner rather than later is 100% a better idea rather than studying 2 weeks or one week before. For me, I think preparing a little earlier than 2 weeks allows you more time to go through your review books and be able to have a lot of 1 on 1 time with your teachers before their x periods start getting more and more crowded. Some people’s minds work better when they cram information very suddenly before the test, but my advice is sooner than later when preparing for AP’s.