Don’t know what to do with your old prom dress?

Don't know what to do with your old prom dress?

The TallTale Writer, Editor

These days, old prom dresses are as good as old wedding dresses. Especially if the dress is extravagant. Where else could you wear the dress to? This is a perfect question for those who went or are going to prom this year. The question doesn’t have a simple answer, but there are some ways you could put that old dress to use!  


Shorten your dress.

If you wore a really long formal dress, hem it into a cocktail dress and wear it to weddings, date nights, banquets or anything that isn’t prom. This is a good way to keep wearing your dress without altering too much of its original appearance. Shortening your prom dress is probably the most practical way to keep wearing a dress from high school.


Give or lend your dress to someone.

There are always somebody who needs a last minute prom dress. The person you lend it to would be grateful and the dress worn may give somebody else happy memories. 


Donate it.

Donating your dress is a great way to give your dress a second life as well as letting another person go to prom. Prom can be extremely expensive, and it is said that most teens today spend an average of more than $600 on prom. This cost can prevent students from attending prom, especially since most proms have a dress code and require formal dresses.

There are some really nice organizations that do take used prom dresses. Organizations like  Becca’s Closet and Operation Glass Slipper are known to give disadvantaged students free or lower priced dresses. If you can’t find a drop off location for these organizations, look into local events that may take used prom dresses.


Wear it to other formal events.

Although this seems like an obvious idea, if you are not ready to make any alterations to your dress or donate it, wear it as it is.  You can always wear your fancy dress to the symphony, a musical or play, perhaps a charity event or even a gala. Get creative and think of ways to incorporate your dress into your regular formal ensemble. If you’re in college, try wearing it to a formal sorority party.

If none of the above applies, make your own fancy event. Have a tea party with friends where you all wear your fancy dresses! Or go out to town to have dinner! The possibilities are endless.


Get crafty.

Feeling extra? Are you really artistic? Then this maybe a new project for you! There are many ways you could reuse an old prom dress artistically. You could…


  • Create a top: If you find a dress with a fabulous top, why not detach the bottom and create a whole new look? If you aren’t the best at sewing take the dress and your design to a cleaner or seamstress and have a professional do it. You can make a crop top or two-piece dress! You can use the top casually and pair with a skirt or pair of jeans.


  • Create a skirt: Choose a prom dress with an obvious bottom, then separate it from the top. Do not steer away from this option even if you are new to sewing. Ask an expert to help.


  • Re-purpose the material: If your dress was beautiful, but there’s no way to refashioned it, keep the material and re-purpose the fabric for pillows, blankets, tote bag, etc.