What I Learned this Year: How to Get the Most Out of Junior Year


Griffin Snyder, Writer

This year, I learned that In order to properly enjoy your Junior year, you have to get ahead on your work. This may seem ridiculous and counterproductive, but it really is the best option when it comes to getting the most out of your Junior year, both academic and otherwise.

When my mom first told me at the end of Sophomore year that I would be starting SAT classes three times a week in July, I was really pissed. I thought that my Summer would be ruined and that it would be pointless for me to start studying that early. I was most of all angry that I would (in my mind) be giving away valuable time in my Summer (that I wasn’t already spending working) on a test that I could take in March, May, or June, but I was instead taking it in December. As I started classes on July 5th, I was still angry, as I had still not realized how important these sessions would come to be, and how much easier the second half of my Junior year would be as a result of starting so early. Although I wasn’t really glad during the summer that I was getting ahead, I can look back on it now and feel immense relief that I didn’t have to deal with all that work during my second semester of junior year.

By the time that September came around, I knew that I would get a lot farther and enjoy myself far more in the long run if I adopted the same strategy by choice that I had been forced to do with SATs over the summer. So, when I began the year, I constantly made sure to make myself start things as early as I possibly could (within reason and with a few exceptions), and even though when I did the work I obviously wasn’t having fun, Spreading things out ultimately made my junior year surprisingly far more manageable than my sophomore year, and I got to enjoy my year far more overall, as spreading things out to the extreme that I did made it so that I had extremely low levels of stress throughout the year, and I always felt very confident for quizzes and tests.