Spotlight on AP Art Students: Parker Vanamee

Parker's favorite piece from his concentration.

Parker Vanamee is a senior who took AP Studio Art both this year and last year. This year he focused on 2D Design. In this podcast, I interview Parker about his inspirations, what he wanted to convey through his concentration (pictured above), and how he and his friend, James Keller, turned his artwork into their own business, Cozi Clothing Co.

Background on AP Studio Art:

AP Studio Art is not your typical advanced placement course. Instead of taking an exam at the end of the year, students will submit their final portfolios. Portfolios consist of 12 “breadth” pieces and 12 “concentration” pieces for a total of 24 required pieces. So what is the difference between breadth and concentration?

The pieces that make up the breadth show no common theme and reflect a variety of skills. A strong breadth shows AP graders that the student is capable of a range of techniques. The concentration is what its name reflects; it is concentrated around a certain theme. The student will choose a theme at the beginning of the course and produce a series of pieces that convey that theme using the elements and principles of art.

Another difference between AP Studio Art and normal AP classes is that AP Art students will be graded out of 6 points instead of 5, a 5 being the highest grade for “student level” work, and a grade of 6 given only to portfolios that are professional quality.

The class is taught by Mr. Mani, Mr. Campbell, and Mrs. Chiffriller (AP Photography).