US-Iran Tensions Increase


Griffin Snyder, Writer

Last week, the United States navy positioned several destroyers in the Persian Gulf, representing an increase in tensions between the US and the Middle Eastern power. President Trump has recently been much more intense with Iran, and this new escalation of tensions represents a lack of restraint in diplomacy with the country which first showed itself when the President withdrew from the 2015 nuclear arms treaty between most NATO countries and Iran.

Just a few days ago, Trump further escalated tensions by announcing that he wants to deploy 150,000 US troops to the region, and the US government has ordered that all non-essential military personnel in Iraq (Iran’s neighbor) leave the country. Dozens of countries around the world have told the US to show restraint and not get itself (and the region as a whole) in to an unnecessary war over an unclear incident. Iran has asked Trump to stop listening to hawkish National Security Adviser John Bolton and to be careful, as neither country wants a war.

Tensions have calmed recently as President Trump has eased his incendiary rhetoric and is no longer attempting to stir up an unneeded conflict.