Catching Up With Rye Varsity Lacrosse (Featuring Jordan Basso)


Jordan Basso watches as teammate takes the draw

Olivia Dabinett

The Rye Varsity Girl’s Lacrosse team has had a very exciting season so far. The team currently has a winning record of 7-3, and has pulled off some big wins against teams like Brewster, North Rockland, and Yorktown.

Despite all of their success, however, the team has faced a few setbacks, including the loss of star player Leah Kenny and a tough loss against John Jay Cross River.

Below I have attached a brief interview with Gettysburg- commit Jordan Basso in which we further discuss these things. Enjoy!


OD: How was the team bonding trip over spring break? What were some of the activities you guys did and how did that game go?

JB: I feel like the trip really helped solidify us as a team. It brought us so much closer, and I feel like I got to know some of the new players’ playing styles and personalities a lot better. We went to the zoo which was so fun. We all got our faces painted (including Dennis). We played one game, and it was great to play against a team we had never played before.


OD: How has the regular season gone so far? What do you think were some of your best wins/ games?

Jordan Basso in action against Staples

JB: The regular season has really tested our play. Our first game really allowed us to see where we stand, and it was great to get a win right of the bat against a top team. Beating North Rockland was great redemption from last year– that was a really tough loss. We definitely have one of the toughest schedules in the area which will hopefully benefit us later on.


OD: Especially considering there is a chance you will meet them again in playoffs, what did you guys think about/ learn from your loss to John Jay Cross River? How do you think the team will adjust to losing one if it’s starters to injury during that game?

JB: We definitely learned a lot about how John Jay plays on both the offensive and defensive ends.

They are a very strong team and whenever we play them it will definitely be a very competitive game. Losing Leah early in the game had everyone on edge and in the wrong headspace which definitely took a toll. However, we are beginning to adjust, and I think we will feel more confident going forwards against top ranked teams. All in all, though, losing one of our best players has been extremely hard, but is it forcing everyone else to step up.


OD: What are your thoughts on your upcoming games (who are those games against)? What are you guys doing to prepare?

JB: We had a big win over Brewster recently which was huge for us. We still have yet to play Hen Hud and Bronxville. Both are extremely talented teams, and we really have to play as a unit if we want to get those two big wins. For the past few games, a lot of different players have stepped up on offense and it’s great. We have been moving the ball great and our cohesiveness has improved a lot. The defensive line has also stepped up recently, and has really proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. I personally feel really comfortable watching the defenders work together and make lots of stops. At practice, we stay really focused and do what we have to do to fix our mistakes and get better day by day.


OD: Finally, how are you guys mentally and physically preparing for playoffs? What do you hope to achieve this year?

JB: We are a really supportive team this year, meaning we all have each other’s backs. We love hyping each other up and spreading confidence, and, from my perspective, it’s noticeable on the field. Also, we have really been taking it game by game and working on the little things so, hopefully, that will help us be a strong force going into playoffs. I really like the team this year. The drive and the want to win is really inspiring. Also, the energy is great, and I feel like everyone is doing their part which has and will continue to benefit us.


OD: Thank you, Jordan.