The Final Phase of Venezuela’s Uprising


Griffin Snyder, Writer

Yesterday, self-proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guiado, tweeted from a Venezuelan military base that the military had his back and that the people of Venezuela must take to the streets to continue protests against the current Socialist government, led by Nicolas Maduro. Guiado emphasized that he knew that the rest of the Venezuelan armed forces are not loyal to Maduro and will join the popular uprising which is the final phase of the movement that Guiado has named Operacion Libertad (Operation Freedom). Although there have been many defections, it has not been on the scale that Guido hoped it would.

That is not to say that there has been no effect however, as the protests have caused a great deal of conflict and fighting across the country, and video has emerged of a military vehicle running over a group of anti-Maduro protesters. According to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, President Maduro, was getting on a plane to flee to nearby communist Cuba, as the situation seems dire for him, but Russian officials reportedly talked him out of it. The Russians have been involved in the region for months, flying jets to the country and bringing military advisers, tightening the bond between the two countries. More updates will come as the situation continues to evolve.