Environmental Club Holds Pie Toss to Save the Trees


Senior Rachael Adelson pies social studies teacher Mr. Freeman. Photo by Alex Kirk.

On Thursday, April 11, the Environmental Club held a pie toss on the front lawn. Throughout the month of April, the Environmental Club asked students to pay $2 to vote for a teacher or student to be pied in the pie toss. All of the money collected (over $600) was donated to the National Forest Foundation in honor of the coming of Earth Day on April 22.

The top three students and teachers with the most votes were selected to be pied (with whipped cream). The pie-ees included Laura Ferguson, Johnathan Lloyd, Maria Laveron, Mr. Murolo, Mr. Freeman, and Mr. Bannon. At the end, Mr. Bannon was rewarded with a real pie (not to the face this time) for having received the most votes.

The event attracted a large crowd of students, and everyone seemed to have a great time. The Environmental Club Pie Toss may be the newest tradition at Rye High School!