The truth about wind energy

Spoiler: It DOESN'T cause cancer!


Photo credit to KCRG.

Someone needs to educate President Trump on wind energy. Because after his comments earlier this week, it’s clear he doesn’t know a thing about it.

If you need a quick refresher, on Tuesday during a speech at the National Republican Congressional Committee, Trump was talking about wind energy powered by industrial wind turbines. He said that “they say the noise causes cancer.” You’re probably confused or dumbstruck, which is a reasonable response. This is so blatantly wrong that it’s not even funny. In fact, it’s so factually incorrect that even the American Cancer Society came out and discredited what Trump said. They said in an email, “The American Cancer Society is unaware of any credible evidence linking the noise from windmills to cancer.”

A look at how much energy wind power produces in each state. Texas is clearly the leader. Photo credit to InsideClimate News.

Contrary to what Trump might think, wind energy is actually a great renewable energy. For starters, it’s a very clean energy source, doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, and is good to use as long as there’s wind available. Wind energy is a good alternative to fossil fuels, which are one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Fossil fuel energy is, of course, favored by Trump, but it has far more cons than wind energy does and can cause far worse illnesses, including lung cancer and respiratory issues. And yes, to be fair, noise pollution is a big problem associated with wind energy, but it doesn’t cause cancer. The only illnesses that have been tied to wind turbines are nausea and headaches, but this isn’t even enough evidence to proof this correlation.

As of 2017, the US only uses wind energy for 8% of its total energy. In the future, it’s possible that we’ll use more wind turbines to produce energy in order to rely less on fossil fuels and coal power. We’ll see if cancer rates rise as wind energy usage rises, but I predict that that’s highly unlikely.