How popular is the major you’re aiming for?

How popular is the major you're aiming for?

The TallTale Writer, Editor


Everyone seems so focused on getting into college these days rather than what they want to do after. Many students are starting to fail their passions in order to make more money, and this hasn’t been the first time hearing about it. However, more students are starting to listen to their hearts in order to accomplish their dreams. These are some of the most common degrees between 2018-2019, is yours apart of the list?

This is the list of the top 10 most popular college professions based off of the number of degrees awarded.


1) Humanities: The most common college degree tends to be in Humanities. Technically the meaning of studying humanities is, “The academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture.”  An average of 641,549 degrees were awarded to students.

2. Business and Management: This degree takes second place with an average of 31,898 degrees awarded.

3. Nursing: This degree became so popular by the 2000’s that nursing growth outpaced US population growth.  About 310,320 degrees  were awarded

4. Health Professions: Although a very broad definition, this includes everything from pediatrics, dentistry and to nutrition. Around 189,602 degrees were awarded.

5. Biology: One of the most studied sciences that got the number 5 spot with about 153,029 degrees awarded. Of course, the type of biology studied will differ in popularity.


6. Trades and Personal services: Another broad category that consists of jobs between construction managers to electricians. About 146,222 degrees were given.

7. Psychology: A once rare degree, became popular over the last few years taking the 7th place. 138,495 people were awarded this degree.


8. Medical Assistant/Technician:  If a person doesn’t want to become a doctor, this degree is perfect for anyone who wants to be the doctors right wing man. 127,441 degrees were given.

9. Criminal Justice: A degree like this one can get you into criminology or law enforcement jobs. much needed profession in order to help keep American people safe. This degree got around 125,502 earners.

10. Education: Although an overlooked degree, it’s also very popular. The degree could help you become a school counselor, teacher, or a family counselor. Around 125,070 people graduated with this degree.