AAF Suspends Operations, Hopes for New Financing


The AAF was made up of eight teams, containing two divisions of four teams

Chris Urban, Editor

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) is in doubt this week after operations have been shut down due to lack of financing for league continuation. The AAF was great in part because almost all the players were NFL rejects trying to prove something, so the competition was high despite low marketing and ticket sales. Contrast to the NFL, the new league was much more edgy and allowed for jaw dropping collisions and plays to occur.

Colin Kaepernick was pursued by the league but he declined as he sought a ridiculous $20 million contract to suit up. It would have been a perfect opportunity to show his talents and have a second shot at making the NFL after the anthem kneeling. Although not able to land Kaepernick, the AAF did grab Johnny Manziel from the streets and many people were excited to see him play pro football again.

The league is allowing AAF players to enter NFL free agency, one of the few things the league has done right. The AAF has provided an opportunity for some former NFLers to reach the NFL again. The first AAF success story came in the form of defensive back Keith Reaser from the Orlando Apollos resigning with his former NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs, on Thursday. In addition, wide receiver Rashad Ross from the Arizona Hotshots signed with the Carolina Panthers on Thursday as well.

Despite these highlights, stadiums on game day were frequently empty and television ratings were extremely low. Concurrently, the AAF isn’t a large enough enterprise to have legitimate online stores to sell jerseys and other apparel to fans. The AAF ran out of money such to the point where they couldn’t even pay for players to fly home to where they live. Yeah you heard that right, players had to pay to fly home after league cancellation. It’s hard enough for a start up sports league to be successful, so with minimal sales and low ratings, its no surprise that the AAF has officially folded.