Mr. Ken Bartolo shares his story about addiction

Ken Bartolo is a recovered drug addict, and he is now talks to large audience’s about his story to help stop and prevent alcohol and drug addiction


Ken Bartolo practicing lacross

Ileana Reese, Editor

In the beginning of each school year at Rye High, there is a Drugs and Alcohol meeting held in the auditorium that all high school students attend. At this meeting, students listen to a different speaker each year who share his or her story about overcoming drug and alcohol addiction.  This year, Ken Bartolo shared his story.

Ken Bartolo Speaking
Ken Bartolo sharing his story

Shaye Barnes said “every year the speaker has an intriguing story and they’re always different, but this year was by far the most inspiring story”.

Mr. Bartolo told his audience: “I tried my first drug at 16 and it was prescribed painkillers (Percocet). The most difficult Part of being an addict was destroying the relationships with my family members and my athletic career. My biggest regret about being an addict was not being there for my son for 15 years”.

He later expressed that: “My life now is unbelievable I couldn’t ask God for anything else. I’m most grateful that I feel I have a purpose now and am helping others by telling my story”.
“I had to hold back tears when listening to the speaker tell his story” (senior) Ellie Bradley said.
Haley Alex (senior and cheerleading captain) said “I thought that Mr. Bartolo had a great story about overcoming addiction and was happy to see that he actually made something of himself from it.”
Chloe Henderson said “I am happy he and his son have a relationship now. When he told us that he is apart of his son’s life now, I literally got the chills”.