Giant Leaps in the Cancer Fight

Zack Fogarty

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Every year, over 18 million people across the world are diagnosed with cancer. It is the second leading cause of death, bearing responsibility 1 in every 6 deaths. Which is why it’s almost unbelievable to think that we may have a workable cure within the year.

A group of Israeli scientists, from the company Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd (or AEBi), began their work towards a cure by starting where other attempted cures failed. After learning what caused each drug to fail, they researched a way to counteract the effect; for instance, many cancer-targeting drugs promote mutations in the cancerous cells, and since the drugs can’t work fast enough, the mutated cancer cells drop the receptors targeted by the ingredients of the drug, rendering the entire treatment obsolete. In order to get past this roadblock, the scientists decided to use several different cancer targeting proteins to attack the cancerous cells. This way, the cancer can’t mutate fast enough to keep every protein from taking hold of the cell and allowing a choice toxin to kill the cancer.

Cancerous cells also have a built in detoxification process, whether it involves pumping the toxin out or changing it structurally to be ineffective. And if a cancer survives a drug once, it will become permanently resistant to it. However, using an extremely strong toxin could kill the cancer before the cell can complete the detoxifying process. But, having a potent toxin transferred into one’s body can induce some sickening side effects. In order to conquer this issue, the AEBi scientists decided to use several highly specific cancer-targeting peptides, one for each type of cancer cell. This would reduce the amount of non-cancer cells affected by the drug, without inhibiting the drug’s ability to work.

The new treatment would also be modified from person to person, since each person has different cell receptors that get expressed by cancer. After just a couple weeks on the drug the cancer should be entirely eradicated from the body.

Currently, the scientists are creating a list of patents on specific targeting peptides to use in future cases that require certain proteins. They have also concluded their first experiment on mice and the treatment resulted in the eradication of the human cancer cells and let most mice leave the test entirely healthy. The scientists have yet to publish the trial on mice, and they’ve been making big claims of scientific advancement that have yet to be concretely affirmed by any other groups. If what they have been claiming is true, then they will have made a giant leap in the fight against cancer. At this moment, however, all we can do is wait for AEBi to release more pieces of their research.