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The Top 5 War Movies of all Time

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The Top 5 War Movies of all Time

Griffin Snyder, Writer

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One of the most compelling genres in film is the war movie. It has been popular since the origins of cinema and they have always been critical darlings. War films aim to tell stories based in some of the most horrible experiences in history, and, if done well, they can be some of the greatest films ever made.


5: Platoon

Oliver Stone’s Vietnam Epic tells the story of two conflicting sergeants, depicting the two sides of men in war, who battle for the hearts and minds of their men. The film features some of the most convincing acting of all time, and you really hate some people and love others. One of the best portrayals of war crimes and the dividing effect of war on people.


4: Patton

An extremely riveting and intense biography of an outstanding man, Patton follows the campaigns of American General George Patton through North Africa, Sicily, and Germany during the second world war. The film features an unforgettable performance by George C Scott as Patton, who expertly portrays a tough man who will do almost anything to achieve victory.


3 The Deer Hunter

The rare war film that focuses more on the before and after than the war itself, The Deer Hunter tells the story of two friends and how their paths diverge after Vietnam. Although a little one-sided in its portrayal of the Vietnamese, and somewhat poorly paced, The film is near perfect in almost every other aspect. Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken show flawlessly how war affects ones state of mind, and the directing and cinematography portray the beauty of home and the horrors of war.


2 Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg’s ww2 epic tells the incredible story of how the army sent a squad through German occupied territory to find the a man who lost 3 of his brothers to the war. An excellent personal story despite the epic scale of the infamous D-Day scene, Saving Private Ryan is an outstanding achievement in film-making.


1 Apocalypse Now

There is a reason that I mention this film in most of my best films lists. Apocalypse Now is a masterpiece in showing the horrible psychological affects of war and is the film that best shows the human experience in war. Francis Ford Coppola does more to keep people from going to war with this movie than any anti-war propaganda could ever do.




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The Top 5 War Movies of all Time