The Top 5 Best Picture Snubs of All Time

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The Top 5 Best Picture Snubs of All Time

Griffin Snyder, Writer

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Although the Oscars are the most prestigious awards in the film industry, there is always going to be people at the academy who will pass over some of the greatest films of all time because of biases or any other human error. These 5 films are the Best movies of all time that were either not nominated or did not win.


Apocalypse Now (1980)

Apocalypse Now is an outstanding film about man in war that explores the very limits of the human mind and what insanity entails. The film has some of the greatest performances of all time and is one of the most frightening explorations of the human psyche out there, and it is a film that will not be forgotten in 100 years, and its themes will never become irrelevant. The actual winner, Kramer v Kramer, is a great movie, but it is nowhere near as timeless as Apocalypse Now.

Saving Private Ryan (1999)

One of the most realistic and powerful war films of all time, Saving Private Ryan tells an excellent human story while also portraying the horrors of war better than almost any other film. The actual winner, Shakespeare in Love, has been universally panned as extremely overrated and completely undeserving of Best Picture. Saving Private Ryan, however, is an unforgettable world war two epic that appeals to all, with excellent emotional scenes as well as bombastic and visceral action.

Goodfellas (1991)

Although not the best movie about the Mafia (The Godfather), Goodfellas is easily the best Mafia movie. The film features excellent performances from Ray Liota, Robert Deniro, and Joe Pesci which give all of the characters immense depth, which is the movies greatest strength. The narrative is fast paced and endlessly exciting and rewatchable, wit one unforgettable moment after the next. The actual best picture winner was Dances with Wolves, which was solid but forgettable.

Citizen Kane (1942)

Even though today Citizen Kane is seen as one of the, if not the best film of all time, when it was released in 1941, it was seen by many reviewers as good but not great. It lost the best picture race to a film called How Green was my Valley which has already been mostly forgotten by time. Citizen Kane, however is a masterpiece in character and world building and it tells the greatest rise and fall story of all time.

The Shawshank Redemption (1995)

19995 was most likely the single most competitive year in Oscar history, as The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, and Forest Gump were all contenders. Controversially, Forest Gump won, and although it is an unforgettable film, it is nowhere near as good as Shawshank. The film has probably the best developed friendship in film and the film pulls you in and never lets you go, even after it’s phenomenal conclusion.