Jack Iuliano Interview

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The Garnet Mine’s very own Henry Friedrich and Declan Lavelle were recently able to sit down with All-State football captain, Jack Iuliano and ask him a few questions about his senior year and his football recruiting process.


1)When did you start playing football?

“3rd grade, flag football.”

2)What was the first team you played for?

“The Vikings, we didn’t win a game in 3 years of pee wee football.”

3)How many offers did you have? What schools?

“I had lots of offers from D3 schools only 1 D1 offer.”

4)What has been the most memorable part of the recruiting process?

“All the camps I went to and seeing all the different talent.”

5)What has being a Rye football player taught you?

“It has taught me that to win your battle you have to play harder than the guy across from you. You get the whole team doing that you will win every time.”

6)What does it mean to be a Garnet football player?

“The days I put on the uniform were the greatest days of my life it’s what I’m going to miss most when I go to college.”

7)What does the Rye Harrison game mean to you?

“It’s a game we have to win. If we lose the season is a disgrace, but we usually handle them pretty well. The real rivalry now is South(Clarkstown South) or ytown(Yorktown).”

“Jack I” recently signed his National Letter of Intent to play D1 football at the University of Pennsylvania. Be sure to congratulate Jack as we wish him the best with his future of football.