Chad Antico Interview

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We sat down with Garnet football star receiver, Chad Antico to ask him a few questions about the successful football season he and the team had.

1)What has been the best part of the season for you?

“The bonds that have been created, just to see how far this team has come. From day one during hell week to now it’s been an amazing journey for us.” 

2)What’s your favorite part of the Rye Harrison rivalry?

“Favorite part has got to be the time during the national anthem and those butterflies you get right before the game. It’s like nothing else and obviously the crowd always comes out and makes everything a hundred times better. Can’t thank the fans enough for the endless amount of support they give to the team every game.”

3)How did the team prepare for the big game against Harrison?

“Hard to take them lightly with how big this tradition is. Anything can happen and we are always going to come into any game with the same mentality.”

4)Has your Fortnite career taken a short time off?

“Yea definitely losing a lot my game, used to be the young god, but things have changed. Will probably be retiring Fortnite as a whole as I’ve done so much for that game not really anything I can do to prolong my career.”

5)Do you plan on playing football in college and if so where are you interested in going?

“I do plan on playing football, I’m still going through a lot of options, but I will definitely know soon. Division 1 Double A football is my goal and I’ve been constantly talking to and have been seeing coaches for the past three months. The process has been fun, but it is a challenging process trying to find the best place for me and my academic life and football life.”

The late signing day is February 6th, so be sure to check for updates on Chad’s decision with that day coming up. Congrats to “Tico” and the team on an outstanding season and thank you for sitting down with us.