Real Madrid Regains Top Spot in Soccer Wealthiness


Chris Urban, Editor

The most popular Soccer club in the World, Real Madrid, has rostered some of the best footballers ever. Players such as Lionel Messi and the likes of Christiano Ronaldo have brought in major viewership, and ultimately dollars. Real Madrid has topped the table of the world’s 20 richest football clubs, displacing Manchester United with record revenues of $750.9m. Real Madrid revenues were certainly benefited by a third consecutive La Liga title. The club experienced a commercial growth of $54 million┬áincluding an increase in sponsorship and merchandising revenues, as well as exploitation of increasingly lucrative pre-season tour matches. At $356.2, Real Madrid now have the highest commercial revenue of any football club globally, contributing to those world-record revenues.

Dan Jones, head of Deloitte’s sports business group, said: “Real Madrid’s outstanding financial performance in 2017-18 is built on their long history of success on the pitch, most recently three consecutive Champions League titles. “This has enabled the club to continue to drive commercial revenue as the appetite to partner with Europe’s most successful clubs remains stronger than ever.”He said most of Deloitte’s top 10 of our top 10 were through to the round of 16 in this season’s Champions League and forecasting further revenue growth.

“The substantial presence of Premier League clubs continues to be felt in this year’s Deloitte Football Money League,” said Deloitte’s Sam Boor.

“However, with the Premier League’s tender for the next cycle of domestic rights from 2019-20 complete and sale of overseas rights nearing conclusion, it is clear that Premier League clubs will be unable to rely on explosive growth in broadcast distributions as a source of future growth, as has been the case in recent years,

“As a result, we expect an even greater emphasis among these clubs on generating their own growth in the coming season, and in particular the optimization of commercial revenue, which has been a key area for differentiating growth across most of Europe’s leading clubs in recent years.”

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