Should There Be A NFL Pro Bowl?


Johnny Cronin, Editor

Should there be a NFL Pro Bowl? Many ask this question when watching the game itself, that the players aren’t trying and it’s the worst quality of football presented.  The Pro Bowl is played at the end of every season and consists of the best players from each conference playing against each other. It sounds like a great idea that would be a must watch game, but Pro Bowl viewership over the years has plummeted due to poor play and lack of grit.  During the game, players go easy into every tackle and will bear hug the opposing player, gently laying him on the ground but what they don’t understand is that viewers despise that. Since 1980, the game has been played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii but changed to Orlando recently due to the NFL’s contract with the Hawaii Tourism Authority expiring.  Players take part in skill games, on and off the field, and is a really fun experience for the player(s) and their family(s) during the week leading up to the game. You can view this game in two different ways, one being that it’s a fun way of celebrating their grueling 16 week season, or that it’s a joke and the players shouldn’t even bother playing in this boring game for both the players and the viewers watching at home.  The teams that qualify for the Super Bowl do not send their players to Orlando as they prep for the real big game! The teams for the 2019 Pro Bowl at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida are set. Some of the pro’s of making the Pro Bowl is you get a bonus on your contract that ranges from $25,000 to $500,000 which is a big incentive for the players. All that money… to just mess around and show a lack of energy while not entertaining the fans and viewers tuning in.  Throughout my experience as an NFL fan i’ve not once enjoyed the Pro Bowl as fans like me seek big hits and competitive play. You have a quarterback change every other drive which does not happen in any regular season game. Overall, it’s a let down of what this game could be and think the players should go as hard as they do for the other 16 weeks of the season and then put there feet up and rest during the offseason!