Super Bowl 53


Johnny Cronin, Editor

The Super Bowl is arguably the most popular event televised in the American sports industry.  This year, the New England Patriots are facing off against the Los Angeles Rams at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.  This is the 53rd edition of the Super Bowl, which is the championship game of the best two teams in the NFL, beating out the other 15 teams in there own conference.  The Los Angeles Rams are representing the NFC following their win over the Saints last weekend, thanks to kicker Greg Zuerlein who converted, not one, but two clutch field goals at the end of regulation and in overtime!  The New England Patriots are representing the AFC following their shootout with the Chiefs this past weekend as their 41 year old quarterback is still getting the job done with 348 yards and a touchdown pass against a highly touted chiefs defense.  Everyone knows Super Bowl 53 is going to be an awesome game and there is no doubt about it, but the following list will give you everything you need to know about the Super Bowl and its history prior to this matchup:

  • First Super Bowl: January 15th, 1967 (Packers v Chiefs)  
  • Highest Winning Score: 49ers (55) – Broncos (10)
  • Lowest Winning Score: Dolphins (14) – Redskins (7)
  • Most Team Appearances In A Super Bowl: Patriots (10)
  • Most Super Bowl Championships: Steelers (6)
  • Most Watched Super Bowl: Super Bowl 49 is the most watched US telecast of all time, with an average viewership of 114.4 million.
  • Commercial Prices: In 1967, a 30 second commercial cost about $40,000… 50 years later, a 30 second commercial goes for $5,000,000
  • Trophy: The Lombardi Trophy, given to the winning NFL Super Bowl team, weighs seven pounds, 21″ high, and worth $25,000. Each player receives a Super Bowl ring that is worth $5,000 per ring (team gets up to 150 rings)
  • Halftime Show (2018-2019) Maroon 5 is scheduled to headline SBLIII Halftime Show. The band is to be accompanied by other artists including Travis Scott and Big Boi

The Super Bowl this year is being played in a newly built stadium which is home to the Atlanta Falcons.  The Mercedes-Benz Stadium cost $1.6 billion dollars to construct and opened its doors late August of 2017.  The Mercedes-Benz Stadium has the seventh-largest video screen in the world and is also home to MLS team, Atlanta United.  How much are tickets to Super Bowl 53? They are not cheap, that’s for sure… tickets are starting at $3,000 dollars and the max ticket price is $10,000! The Mercedes-Benz Stadium decided to make concession prices extremely low, due to how expensive the tickets are.  At $2, you can buy a refillable soda cup, water bottle, pretzel, hot dog, and a box of popcorn. At $3, you can purchase nachos w/ cheese, waffle fries, and a pizza slice. At $4, you can buy a souvenir refillable cup, at $5, you can buy a draft beer (if your of age), a cheeseburger, and at $6, you can buy a chicken tender basket w/ fries! This is irrational compared to normal sporting venues where they charge $10 for an average sized bottle of Dasani water.  Regardless of how much prices are for tickets or concessions, this will be a must game watch of two high power offenses with a lot of experience…