Is Adam Gase a Robot?

Max Gonzalez-Molina, Executive Senior Editor

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The New York Jets have announced their replacement for former head coach Todd Bowles. The incoming coach for the New York Jets is former Dolphins head coach, Adam Gase. Gase went 23-25 as head coach of the Dolphins, and 0-1 in the playoffs. During a 20 minute press conference, Gase seemed to be distracted, constantly gazing around all wide-eyed. The media session has since then gone viral. Memes of Gase’s weird and unusual mannerisms flooded the internet, causing speculation about the new hire. Gase has yet to hire a new quarterback coach as he wants to work closely with Jets QB Sam Darnold saying, “the less voices there, the better.” Gase has, however, selected a new defensive coordinator to run the defensive side of the ball.