Russian affairs in the US and the World


Griffin Snyder, Writer

A few days ago, the FBI announced that it was conducting its own investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the Trump administration after Trump’s firing of Director James Comey. Also a few days ago, three Russians were arrested on charges of assassination of a journalist in the Kongo. A month ago, Russian ships attacked Ukrainian vessels in the Sea of Azov, re-igniting already high tensions between the two countries. It seems as if Russia has constantly been in the news as an aggressor and for interfering in foreign affairs, as they are once again becoming the bogeyman of the western world, as they were during the majority of the 20th century.

With Muller and now the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference, it is very clear that this is truly an issue of the utmost importance to the country, but neither investigation has presented their full cases yet, so the extent to which this is the case is still unknown. Many Americans agree however, that this is a defining issue of our time, and it will continue to grow more complex.