Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Plans


Griffin Snyder, Writer

Last week, president Trump announced plans to withdraw all US troops from Syria as according to him, the Islamic state no longer holds any territory there. This has drawn strong criticism from many, generally Republicans, and especially senator Lindsay Graham, who believe that US troops should remain in the country longer to ensure that ISIS is truly defeated and to make sure that no other terrorist organization takes advantage of the power vacuum.

On Monday, the president decided to slow troop withdrawal, according to senator Graham, because of the opposition, but Graham assured that Trump is fully committed to withdrawing the troops and that senate leaders are trying to figure out the best course of action on how to both get troops out and maintain stability in the region to protect US interests in the region and homeland security.

The war against the Islamic State has been going on since 2011 when the group arose after Bin Laden’s death and began to take territory, behead journalists, and announce that it would attack the US on the home front (which it did rather successfully). It seems like another chapter of the war on terror is coming to a close, but most likely someone else will pop up eventually.