Is Jared Carrabis an Unbiased National Baseball Writer?

Emmet Carroll, Editor

To finish out our Barstool deep dive project, I(Emmet) will be giving my argument on this question: Is Jared Carrabis an unbiased baseball reporter? I believe he is, and throughout this article I will be telling you why. Jared attended Endicott College, and throughout his six years of college, he worked towards becoming a main Boston Red Sox reporter. Carrabis told WickedLocal that “I knew when I was 16 that I wanted to be a Red Sox writer. When something happened, I wanted to be the first one people turned to for Sox news.” He added, “But I never wanted to be a journalist, because I wanted to be the fan’s voice. I wanted to show the passion, and never mask it that I do care.” Yes, he’s a pretty big Red Sox fan, but that’s allowed. Most writers-and even commentators-have their favorite teams, and this doesn’t make them biased. They still give the news as it is, and give their opinion when they feel it needs to be added. This perfectly describes Jared’s style of writing. Speaking on balancing Red Sox and overall MLB reporting, he stated,”I can separate the two, and say whatever I want. 99% of the feedback has been positive.”


As far as Jared’s Barstool content production goes, he runs two podcasts and was formerly on a radio show called EYAK with Big Cat and Adam Ferrone. The first podcast he partakes in is Section 10, a Red Sox podcast with fellow Bostonians Pdte Blackburn and Steve Perreault. While this doesn’t bode too well for my case, he’s allowed to be a Red Sox fan. He grew up near Boston and loves the Sox, as most people from the Massachusetts area do. Boston sports fans are arguably the most passionate on the world, so it’s pretty obvious that a guy like Jared is going to project his fandom onto his platform when he gets the opportunity to. Personally, I don’t mind how much he talks about the Red Sox. It’s nice to see Jared doling out hot takes and supporting his beloved Sox. Yankees fans don’t like this too much, as “dedicated” fan Jasper Nusbaum told me,”I can’t stand when Jared rambles on about how good the Sox are and how they’re so much better than the Yankees. It’s so false. They might have won the World Series, but when we get Manny Machado, that’s an automatic 100-win season.” Maybe focus on pitching a little more, Jasper. Or first base. Have fun with that. Go Cubbies.

The second podcast that Jared partakes in is Starting 9, where he and the gang cover overall MLB news. Jared is just as passionate in this podcast as he is during Section 10, so that proves my point. He cares just as much about the MLB as a whole as he does the Red Sox, yet no one recognizes this because they’re so focused on the fact that he’s a passionate Red Sox fan, and apparently that’s not allowed anymore. Keep doing you Jared, real fans appreciate what you’re doing. Everyone go take a listen to Section 10 and Starting 9, you won’t be dissapointed. Stay Hot, Rocket.