Barstool Sports

Jasper Nusbaum and Emmet Carroll

Since the beginning, the news industry has been strict and set in its ways. Anchors read their screens and occasionally give their opinion, with no true creativity involved. From watching a variety of networks and examining how they run, we’ve seen that there’s no true difference in any of them. Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and USA Today are among the networks that have run the table since televised news has been significant. But, there’s a new company that presents the news in a way that it should be presented. Barstool Sports. The fact that “sports” is in the name deceives many, as it is not solely about sports. They talk about everything that’s going on in the world, and they have fun with it. Unlike the other networks, there’s a sense of creativity and enjoyment that you just don’t see elsewhere. They’re open about their opinions and are not afraid to hit the sensitive topics that the majority of other networks struggle to discuss. This is how the news should be delivered, and Barstool Sports will continue to do it as long as it’s around.


Dave Portnoy founded Barstool Sports in Milton, Massachusetts, in 2003. It first launched as a print publication, and then it turned digital in 2007. Since then, Portnoy and the rest of the crew have been producing elite content where they are free to speak their minds. While the Chernin Group did purchase a majority stake in the company(51%) on January 7, 2016, Portnoy still controls the content. The acquisition has allowed editors-Portnoy especially-to focus on content rather than balancing both the website and the behind the scenes work that the Chernin Group currently handles. To assist the group, Erika Nardini, former Chief Marketing Officer of Aol, was brought in as CEO. All of these changes have lead to the company being valued at north of $100 Million.


The heart of Barstool content comes in their podcasts. Through this method, employees are able to have free conversations without restrictions, and they can be as creative as they feel. We’ll get to our favorite podcasts later, as for now we’ll give an overview on everything in between. One of their biggest producers is Barstool Radio, where Dave Portnoy (El Pres) and a few others(changing weekly) discuss the hot topics of the week. It’s nice to see Portnoy in the studio, as he normally just oversees the overall content production of the company. Next is Fore Play, run by Trent and Riggs. They talk about everything golf along with new special guests each week. Our favorite part is when John Daly comes up. A golfer with a massive persona and massive gut. Then, there’s the baseball podcasts like Starting 9, which covers overall baseball news. As the season is over, they are currently discussing free agents like Manny Machado or Bryce Harper and where they could land. Another Baseball podcast is Section 10. It’s a Red Sox only podcast hosted by Jared Carrabis, Pete Blackburn, and Steve Perrault. Definitely great to see a few of those guys on the duck boats at the Red Sox World Series parade (they also beat the Yankees in the ALCS, for the record.) Honestly, my (Jasper speaking) only true complaint with Barstool Sports is their obsession with Boston sports, the Red Sox in particular. However, their podcasts are both hilarious and informative. We definitely recommend listening to a few.


Now, to our favorite podcasts. First, we have Pardon My Take, hosted by Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter. This is widely regarded as the top Barstool podcast, and was just recently ranked the #2 sports podcast on the iTunes top charts. Big Cat and PFT, along with their tech guy Hank, bring a comedic twist to their recap of football Sunday, and then begin to talk about general sports news, all the while cracking witty jokes that only they could come up with. They drop 2-3 episodes per week, which are centered around Sunday and Thursday games. To start every Monday podcast, they do the “fastest two minutes in football”, which is when they do a brief review of every game using funny voices and modifying players names to make references to the world. Our favorite is PFT’s Patrick Mahomes impression, which definitely tops Bleacher Report’s imitation on their Gridiron Heights segment. Next they move into “hot seat, cool throne”, discuss the NFL standings, and at the end of every episode they do an interview with a celebrity or big-name sports person. They’ve had guests like Jay Glazer, Baker Mayfield, Alex Rodriguez, and Mark Wahlberg, to name a few. We definitely recommend that you guys take some time to listen to Pardon My Take!


Our other favorite podcast is Spittin’ Chiclets, a hockey podcast done by former NHL 4th line grinder Paul Bissonette, former 5th overall pick Ryan Whitney, and Rear Admiral(big Boston guy). They talk about recent news in the NHL and how it affects the league, and overall it’s just a couple guys having fun and talking about their favorite thing in the world: hockey. Whitney also works for NHL network, so he gets the inside scoop in all that’s happening around the league. They bring on guests for interviews-like Pardon My Take does-and they’re often guys that Bissonette has foughten. Ryan Reaves and Brandon Bollig, two grinders like Bissonnette himself, have been our favorite interviews so far. They’ve also gone on Pardon My Take and done an interview, which is a cool crossover. Take a listen to Spittin’ Chiclets!

Thanks for reading, and be ready for more of our Barstool articles, podcasts, and videos!