Unpopular Opinion of a Bacon Egg and Cheese

We sat down with senior Chris Olmos to try and understand why he dislikes the Bacon Egg and Cheese (a seemingly unpopular opinion considering the popularity of the sandwich in Rye).

Jacqueline Walker and Emily Sherman

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What would you say is the main reason you dislike the BEC?  

The Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich may sound and look delicious to many, but it contains many adverse health risks that makes it an inefficient source of energy.  Although it does contain a good amount of protein and carbohydrates, the amount of grease and butter applied to the typical sandwich is unhealthy regardless of where you stand.

When did you begin to start paying attention to the health aspect of your nutritional diet?

As an athlete and the captain of my Pole Vault team I have to lead by example and take care of my body.  If I’m not doing everything I can to keep my body in shape, why should any of the other athletes?

Any words for BEC lovers?

I do understand that some people love the taste of a Bacon Egg and Cheese.  However, I recommend to try and limit your consumption of unhealthy food to a few times a month, and if possible always prepare it yourself at home.  It’s important to always know what is going into your food- and ultimately, your body. This is my personal opinion on the matter though and I don’t criticize anyone for enjoy this sandwich.

Have you ever tried a BEC? What was it like?

I have had the BEC, and I definitely understood the appeal, but there was way too much fat and grease on it for me to enjoy it.

What do you typically have for breakfast?

Cereal or oatmeal, with milk.

Would you be interested in trying one for us? (laughs)

For a small fortune, sure.

We know you have lived in Europe for awhile; are Bacon Egg and Cheeses popular there?  Where specifically in Europe did you live?

The BEC is not that popular there from what I gathered, but it definitely exists. I lived in Berlin, Germany where almost every meal you eat is home cooked or prepared.  The school cafeteria there was rarely used by the students.