The Best Bacon Egg and Cheese in Rye

We visited five locations in Rye that sell the Bacon Egg and Cheese and have reviews for each of them. Enjoy the video!


Emily Sherman and Jacqueline Walker

Over the last few weeks, we tried different five Bacon Egg and Cheeses in the Rye area- all which came to impress us. We talk more about it in the video, but see below for a brief summary of our initial reactions and places we visited.  


High School Cafeteria

  • $3.25 for a fairly large sandwich, a good price
  • Really flavorful and not too greasy!
  • On a bagel, went well with the egg
  • The egg was pretty soft so it balanced out the hard texture of the bagel


Jerry’s Post Road Market

Our initial reaction- for a sandwich, $5.75 is a little too expensive. However, the overall experience was far from disappointment. Jerry’s has an order text number which is convenient if you’re in a rush and don’t want to stand around waiting for your food.  

  • $5.75
  • Really flavorful, a little bit more greasy than the high school cafeteria’s version
  • On a bagel
  • Egg and cheese are more compact
  • Bacon a little too fatty and greasy
  • Bagel not entirely warm (accounting for the fact that we ordered before we arrived)
  • Insides steaming


  • $5.45
  • On a bagel- the top was a little oily
  • The cheese had a little bit of a goopy texture- but this didn’t take away from the overall taste of the sandwich
  • Egg was cooked really nicely
  • Warm and prepared quickly (we only had to wait 3 minutes)


Poppy’s Cafe 

  • $6.79 (most expensive so far)
  • First BEC we tried on a roll instead of a bagel
  • Best bacon and egg combination so far- couldn’t differentiate between them, blended nicely
  • The bread was too hard (we preferred the bagel)
  • Nice atmosphere (christmas music was playing)
  • Bacon a little too fatty


Midland Deli

  • $3.75- pretty cheap! Only $0.50 more than the school BEC
  • Bread was a little burned
  • Cheese, egg, and bacon were more separated and not one consecutive unit 
  • Remained warm for a long time (we didn’t eat it right away). 

See below for the video of us going to five different locations to try a BEC!

Overall consensus: the best BEC so far would be a Jerry’s bagel with Poppy’s egg and cheese hybrid.  All of the locations we visited we actually really good- we recommend all of them.  Here is our official ranking:

  1. Jerry’s Post Road Market
  2. Midland Deli
  3. School Cafeteria
  4. Hand Rolled
  5. Poppy’s Cafe