Will the War on Terror Ever End?

Griffin Snyder, Writer

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This question has been an important one for a long time, as the war on terror has been going on continuously for over 15 years and seems like it will continue to persistent the foreseeable future. It will be important in western politics for a while, but many Americans don’t care anymore, especially those born after the September 11th attacks. A solid comparison to the war on terror is America’s nearly 40 year war that also seems nowhere near the end is the war on drugs which has failed to stop the flow of drugs from Central and South America into the states.


Most people simply do not care about hunting down every terrorist organization in the Middle East and that such an effort is pointless when their are plenty of other problems in the world that could benefit from our attention such as Eastern Europe/Russia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The war in the Middle East is to many a pointless never-ending revenge.

So, will the war ever end? Probably not for a while, as radical Islam has been the world’s bogeyman since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and unless tensions with Russia and/or China explode, there will always be a reason for Western Governments to get involved in the Middle East, but many will give it even less attention than before.