Are Seniors Voting in the Midterms?

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Ella Garnett, Editor

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The Midterms are coming up tomorrow and many seniors will have the opportunity to vote for the first time. Historically, young people do not show up to the polls, but due to a turbulent political climate many experts expect a wave of millennial voters larger than ever before. Millennials now out number the baby boomers which means that the millennial vote will be the deciding factor in these elections. Because of this, it is more important than ever for the youngest generation of voters to show up. Polls show that voter registration among young people is higher, but whether or not they will actually vote is up in the air. Many reporters bring up the frustrating phenomenon of young people protesting and demonstrating a passion for the issues in masses but failing to produce the same amount of people at the polls. “What I’ve been telling them is, ‘I’ve seen you guys at the Women’s March. I’ve seen you at March For Our Lives, I saw you at town halls saving your healthcare, and your parents’ health care and your grandparents’ heath care. We now need to take that energy and march for our lives to the voting booth.” said actor and comedian Billy Eichner in a recent interview with Stephen Colbert.

Despite this generation’s growing concern for the issues in our country, many still believe their vote to be useless and ineffective. Sure, one person’s vote will not make or break an election, but that type of thinking in the minds of millions of people will shift the results of an election. If you’re a young person who claims to care about the many issues facing our country, voting is one of the easiest ways to make a direct impact. If every person who thought their vote didn’t matter voted tomorrow then the results would be dramatically affected. “I’m really excited to vote for the first time. It is imperative for us to engage in our civic duty since we are the future of this country. #Hillary2020.” said Senior Iman Syed who is planning on voting tomorrow. In a poll given to members of the senior class 88 people said they were still too young to vote but 11 said they planned on voting and 8 said they are over 18 but have chosen not to.

Unfortunately, many seniors are not eligible to vote in these midterms but more people than ever are realizing the importance of exercising this fundamental right. If you are not over 18, encourage your parents to vote! These midterms have the potential to be a turning point in what has been a harrowing two years in the Trump administration. If not to vote for own benefit, vote because there are millions of people in this country who’s voices are suppressed and deserve to be raised up by sincere and caring politicians.