Rank of Famous Disney Halloween Movies

A review of Disney Halloween movies from an unofficial, inexperienced movie critic.


Photo credit to The Clinton Courier.

If you’re looking for a good Halloween movie that isn’t scary, then you’ve come to the right place. Although I love seasonal movies, I’ve always struggled to enjoy Halloween movies because for the most part, they are TERRIFYING. I’m not the type of person that could handle movies like Halloween and The Shining. So instead, I stick to some of the non-scary classics. Here I’ll be ranking four of the most famous Disney Halloween movies because the only thing scary about them is the acting.

#4. The Nightmare Before Christmas 

The movie poster for The Nightmare Before Christmas. Photo from amazon.

This movie confuses me so much. Is it a Christmas movie? Is it a Halloween movie? I don’t know! When it plays during Halloween, I get annoyed because I don’t want to watch a Christmas movie, but when it plays at Christmastime, I get annoyed because I don’t want to watch a Halloween movie! Furthermore, The Nightmare Before Christmas is just bad. The songs are terrible and repetitive, the characters are creepy, and the plot is weird and slightly disturbing. Maybe I’m in the minority; after all, Rotten Tomatoes did give the movie a 95% rating. But something about The Nightmare Before Christmas rubs me the wrong way. Christmas and Halloween are completely different holidays, so they should be kept separate.

#3: Hocus Pocus

The Hocus Pocus movie poster. Credit to Disney Movies.

Hocus Pocus is a terrible movie. The acting is next-level awful and the movie is riddled with plot holes. I mean, how can the Sanderson Sisters know what drivers permits are if they’ve been dead for 300 years? Not to mention, in some scenes you can actually see the strings that help the broomsticks fly or the camera men filming in the background. However, it’s an iconic Halloween movie, which is why I’m not ranking it in last place. It’s the movie that singlehandedly gets me excited for Halloween every year. As bad as it is, I always find myself wanting to watch it around Halloween. Why? I don’t know, but it has that effect.

#2: Twitches

The Twitches movie poster. Credit to Wikipedia.

As a little kid, I was terrified of Twitches. The Darkness gave me nightmares each time I watched the movie, but I didn’t mind because I loved it so much. Although I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that the acting is terrible and the Darkness actually isn’t scary, I still enjoy watching Twitches around Halloween. It has an entertaining plot that contains love, betrayal, and family and a sequel that isn’t as bad as most Disney sequels. In no way is Twitches a great movie, but I’m no movie critic, so my standards aren’t very high. Give me a semi decent movie and I’ll probably find it somewhat enjoyable.

#1: Halloweentown

The Halloweentown movie poster. Credit to Real Simple.

Halloweentown is a Disney classic, which is why it’s the highest ranked on my list. Like the other four movies, it is nowhere close to a perfect movie, but it has a fun plot and 90s charm. Although the main character Marnie is extremely annoying, most of the other characters aren’t as bad, especially Debbie Reynold’s Aggie Cromwell. Similarly to Twitches, this movie reminds me of celebrating Halloween in elementary school, a time when Halloween was still very exciting and fun to celebrate.

Although these movies are in no way spectacular, they are all fun and a great way to celebrate Halloween! If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow night, what better way to celebrate Halloween than watch laughable movies?