Khalid Shows Versatility on New EP

My take on Khalid's latest release.

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On October 9th, Khalid released an EP titled Suncity, a reference to his hometown of El Paso, Texas. This EP comes a little over a year after the 20 year old’s debut album, American Teen, which sold 1.2 million copies in 2017 and made him a national sensation with hits “Location” and “Young Dumb & Broke.” His singles “Silence” ft. Marshmello and “Love Lies” ft. Normani also swept the radio by storm this past year. Known for his soulful and calming voice, Khalid frequently combines pop synth beats with R&B/Soul. Those looking to relax and unwind will surely fall in love with this album for its chill vibe.

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Most of the songs on Suncity sound similar: slow, somber melodies with hints of guitar and piano chords. However, there are definitely some songs that stand out more than others.The repetitive chorus and beat on “Better” make it an instant hit. The song describes a secret relationship that his love interest wants to keep hidden. Khalid gently explores different genres as well. The lines on the track “Saturday Nights” echo those of a familiar country song: “Saturday nights / that gray Silverado / You drive it ’cause you have to.” “Suncity” feat. Empress Of combines Khalid’s traditional R&B with upbeat Latin pop. Khalid is most lyrically successful in the song “Vertigo,” which he opens with the line, “Are we better off believing / What the ignorance suggests?” The lyrics suggest that Khalid feels as if he is stumbling in the dark and go along with the theme of uncertainty present throughout the EP.

The mood and ideas Suncity conveys will certainly resonate well with teens, who make up the majority of Khalid’s fanbase.   Junior Grace Macdonald said, “My favorite song on the EP is definitely “Vertigo.” I love its dreamy sound and its deep lyrics.” Junior Catherine Egan added, “My favorite song is probably “Suncity” because it has the best beat.”

One thing is for sure: The EP shows off Khalid’s full range of talent, leaving fans even more excited for new music.