Some Seniors claim Punta Cana trip is overpriced.

Is it worth the $2,000?


Cyrus Vahabzadeh and Charlie Nagle

The Senior Trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this April is an out of school organized event. For many, it’s a relaxing time to enjoy with friends after college decisions.

This year’s trip was booked through a travel agency and some claim they are completely overpricing the trip for Rye students. At the moment, there are 80 people signed up.

Mac Mcgovern says, “I’m already packing for this trip. You know how pumped I am.”

As a whole, it seems like most of the senior class is excited, but several students believe it is pricey. The whole package comes close to 2,000 dollars. The hotel is right on the beach with multiple pools, a nightclub, and a casino.

Reagan Doran says “I’m going to lose all my money at the casino.”