A Recap of Melania Trump’s ABC Interview

A brief rundown of the First Lady's tell-all interview with ABC News.

Tom Llamas and Melania Trump. Credit to Daily Express.

Tom Llamas and Melania Trump. Credit to Daily Express.

On Friday, ABC released the much-anticipated Melania Trump interview, pre-recorded during her recent tour of Africa. Trump, who is notoriously private, opened up for one of the first times since her husband was elected president to share her opinions on everything from the media to family separation to her role in the White House.

Much of the interview centered around Trump’s new anti-bullying campaign “Be Best,” which was introduced to the world in May. She described what the campaign entails and revealed her hopes for the future of social media. Trump explained why she chose to focus on cyberbullying by controversially saying that she is possibly the “most bullied person in the world.” As expected, Twitter jumped onto this statement; one tweet read “Well, she’s married to the biggest bully in the world.” Another said that the Trump family has to be “the most self-centered family in the world.” Clearly, many Americans do not feel sympathy for the First Lady’s exaggerated statement despite the fact that there is possibly a slight degree of truth to it.

Melania and Donald Trump. Credit to Business Insider.

Another part of the interview that made headlines was when Trump told interviewer Tom Llamas the real reason she wore her controversial “I Really Don’t Care Do U?” jacket while visiting immigrant children detained at the border. Many Democrats and Republicans alike saw this jacket as poor taste given the circumstances of her visit to Texas. She claimed in the interview that she wore it “for the people and the left-wing media to show them that I don’t care.” She expanded on her statement by saying, “I would prefer that they would focus on what I do and my initiatives than what I wear.” However, Trump needs to realize that being in the public eye means that naturally people will focus on what she wears, especially when her outfit sends some questionable messages.

Adding onto the idea of family separation, she also revealed that she didn’t agree with how her husband handled the issue. She described feeling “blindsided” upon learning that parents and children had been forced apart at the border. Trump said that she immediately told the president of her anger and claims that he agreed. Eventually, Donald Trump reversed the policy after pressure from both sides of the aisle.

Overall, the interview showed a side of Melania Trump that the country had yet to see. Although we learned a lot about the elusive First Lady in this interview, it’s likely that she will return to her state of privacy again.