Athlete of the Week: Charlie Madigan


Ken Haesslein

The Athlete of the Week for this week is none other than the boys varsity soccer captain Charlie Madigan. Charlie Madigan starts for the team at center back and has led as a captain to two league wins last week. In the first game no goals were conceded as Charlie and the defense stood strong leading to a 1-0 win against an extremely good Keio Team. The second game last week the team was able to pull through with a 2-1 win over Pelham.

Charlie’s coach, Jared Small, when asked about his leadership commented, “He is our most vocal, tuned-in defender and has done an excellent job as captain.” Charlie’s communication has proven to be significant in keeping a strong defensive line. It just so happens that of the nine goals the team has conceded, a third of them were during the time Charlie was resting on the bench. Although Charlie may not get many statistics being a defender, he makes up for it with his great communication and leadership.

Charlie has shown that he is a great teammate as well, enjoying the time he spends with them. When asked about team traditions he answered, “Team brunches are always a good time, I look forward to those.” Charlie has proven to be a great team player on and off the field.

Outside of the varsity team Charlie, plays on a prestigious soccer club called FC Westchester. Also, Charlie plans to keep playing soccer on a division three team for college.

His effort is incomparable to anyone else on the team. A teammate of his, Kai Haesslein commented, “He always gives 100 percent everyday and is always enthusiastic.” Charlie has all the characteristics a good teammate and captain should have. He is a true inspiration to everyone around him.