The New And Ridiculous Football Game Rules

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The New And Ridiculous Football Game Rules

Henry Friedrich and Declan Lavelle

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Take a look. Take in the sign above. I don’t know about you, but everyone I have spoken to about this doesn’t know what has happened to the Rye Football experience. My colleagues and I at The Garnet Mine have decided to critique each aspect of these rules in hope that it will shed some light on the situation.

#1- “No Banners”

What ever happened to the good old days when you could hold up blown up pictures of head shots and “LETS GO RYE” signs. This isn’t Barstool Sports on College Gameday. It’s Class A high school football. No one is going to have their feelings hurt by a poster.

#2- “No Coolers”

Its kind of funny how you can’t bring a cooler into the historic John Nugent Stadium. But out of all of the newly implemented rules, I’d have to say that it makes the most sense.

#3- “No Beverages Or Open Containers”

This one is the worst of them all. I personally had my closed, new, and freshly sealed water bottle taken from me as I entered the stadium this past Sunday. However, the mom behind me was allowed to bring in as many as she liked, no questions asked. A little biased if you ask me.

#4- “No Backpacks”

That’s just ridiculous. Do you know how many kids or even adults needed to bring a bag with either clothes or drinks. It was a long, hot day and some people actually need more than what can fit in their pockets.

But we at The Garnet Mine are willing to compromise. If kids can’t bring backpacks in, no one should be allowed to carry extra bags into the stadium. It’s that simple.

#5- “No Horns Or Noise Makers”

Alright, this one is a little more understandable. According to quarterback Declan Lavelle, the games would “be so much more hype for the players with more noise both on offense and defense.” Not even the players, but the students are looking to be that 12th man for Rye and the noise would definitely help.

#6- “No Dogs”

Come on now. Who the heck doesn’t like dogs. Having Golden Retrievers walk around the stadium would be more American than baseball and hot-dogs. This one should absolutely be open to appeal.

#7- “No Excessive Face Paint”

This one really gets me. No face paint? Come on now. That’s just ridiculous. If the players on the field are covered in eye black, I want to wear my Garnet Pride, too.

#8- “No Football Or Pick Up Games On The Sidelines”

Growing up in Rye, some of the best memories are playing pick up football on the grass field while watching the “big kids” play on the turf. Taking that away from the kids is almost dehumanizing. It’s taking the fun out of the game for the kids.