The Best Iced Coffee Venders in Rye

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Olivia Dabinett

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     Iced Coffee is among the most popular drinks for Rye’s sleep-deprived students. It is, in most cases, the beverage that Rye students turn to in order to wake them up on school mornings. However, the question is, where do students get their iced coffee?

     Among the most well known iced coffee places is Starbucks–a chain restaurant that aims to provide working adults and studying kids with their daily cup of joe. Starbucks has been on the corner of Purchase Street and Elm Place for as long as most can remember, and it has been a popular spot among students to study and hang out. As for their coffee, it is mediocre. As an iced coffee fanatic, I went to Starbucks every single morning my sophomore year–weekday and weekend–to get a venti iced coffee, sweetened and with whole milk. At first, I absolutely loved it. The coffee at Starbucks tends to be very strong, so balancing it out with whole milk and classic syrup worked very well for me. Overtime, however, the coffee began to taste very artificial. I found myself adding more and more sweetener with each visit, and I started to become sick of Starbucks. My go-to coffee place quickly went from a 10/10 to a 3/10. As for other students I spoke to, no one chose Starbucks iced coffee as their favorite thus keeping the worldwide coffee vender low in the ranks.

      Another prominent Iced Coffee vender in Rye is Hand Rolled Bagels–a small store that’s well known for its bagels and breakfast foods. I have to be honest: I have only tried Hand Rolled’s iced coffee once, so I don’t have much to say about it. However, other students had nothing but good things to say about Hand Rolled iced coffee. When asked what her favorite iced coffee place was, junior Leah Kenny replied, “Hand Rolled hands down. They do a perfect combo of coffee and almond milk, never too sweet, always just right,” and juniors Eve Dalton and Gwyneth Farr added, “We absolutely love Hand Rolled because, well because it’s just the best!” Hand Rolled is clearly a favorite among students, and it definitely beats out Starbucks.

Hand Rolled iced coffee

      The final iced coffee spot I will be reviewing is Jerry’s Post Road Market. Known for its amazing deli sandwiches, Jerry’s also sells delicious iced coffee. Unlike Starbucks and Hand Rolled who make the coffee for you, Jerry’s allows you to make your iced coffee on your own at its designated coffee station. It has iced coffee and different types of milk in dispensers, and all different types of sweetner lined up next to the coffee. Personally, I love this. Being able to make my own iced coffee allows me to craft my beverage the way I like it. And I am not alone. When asked about where she likes to get her iced coffee, Junior Catherine Egan replied, “I really like Jerry’s iced coffee because I like how I can make it myself. In most stores, you have to wait for them to make it for you but in Jerrys you don’t have to wait and you can do it yourself–so innovative!” Junior Allie Depauw added, “I go to Jerry’s for my iced coffee because I get to make it on my own. There is no worrying about other people putting too much sugar or milk because you do it all yourself.” Being able to produce my iced coffee on my own is a game changer and definitely the reason why Jerry’s is my favorite iced coffee vender and, also, a favorite among students.

    All in all, Jerry’s and Hand Rolled are by far the go-tos beating out Starbucks iced coffee by a drastic margin. Although I personally prefer Jerry’s iced coffee, many students chose Hand Rolled as their favorite venders making it quite difficult to decide what the number one iced coffee location in Rye is.