The NHL is Back and Better Than Ever

October 5, 2018

Hockey is one of the most popular and diversely played sports in the world. Similar to pro basketball, pro hockey is played in nearly every country. Hockey fans all around the world have been waiting for puck drop for months and are hungry for more exciting games. Naturally a fast game, NHL players are some of the best athletes you can find in professional sports. Unlike other sports, you have to learn the basics first. In sports such as football, soccer and track everyone knows how to run: its a skill that is already inevitably present in everyone. Hockey is much different than most popular sports in a unique way. Played on ice, you have to practice being an efficient and powerful skater first before you can even start playing competitively. Skating is an undeveloped skill to someone who has never hit the ice before. It’s a skill that must be developed over time as it is critical to success in the sport. Along with skating, there are many other important skills that make up a great hockey player. Many critical skills in hockey include anticipatory passing, slap, snap and wrist shots, clean checks, heads up stick handling and extensive offensive and defensive awareness on the ice. Hockey is a very difficult sport: one that requires several different multifaceted skills that are each very important to success in the game.


Last years NHL saw a lot more high scoring and new break through stars. Fans are hoping for more action and excitement this year. Believe it or not there is ESPN fantasy hockey, which is gaining popularity due to higher scoring and worldwide exposure to professional hockey. Fans are interested to see new teams thrive and are curious to watch hyped up prospects produce at the NHL level. Every hockey season is a grind. Starting in early October to late June, the eighty two game regular season and two month Stanley Cup playoffs are full of ups and downs and memorable moments. The coveted Stanley Cup contains full rosters of all of the past NHL champions dating back to the 1920 Ottawa Senators. There is no other trophy more historic and iconic in sports then the Stanley Cup. The amount of hard work and physical effort required to win the Stanley Cup championship is the most rewarding and deserving out of any professional sport. Every year is filled with more and more highlight reel goals and jaw dropping stick handling moves. You may have heard the names of Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane and Alexander Ovechkin along the lines of great influences on the NHL who have all won Stanley Cups at least once. They are all great players who have respectively made a large impact on hockey but NHL fans are looking for new emerging stars. A new wave of young generational talent is transcending throughout the league and is exciting hockey fans all over the world. Edmonton Oilers 2015 #1 overall pick Conor McDavid has lead the NHL in points in back to back years posting an astounding 108 points last year. Other young emerging stars include Colorado Avalanches Nathan MacKinnon, Winnipeg Jets Patrik Laine, Toronto Maple Leafs Auston Matthews and Buffalo Sabres Swedish sensation Rasmus Dahlin. There is much anticipation for this upcoming season and many questions to be answered. Can the Washington Capitals repeat as Stanley Cup Champions? Are the Vegas Golden Knights a one trick pony? To what extent will John Tavares impact the Toronto Maple Leafs already explosive offense? Can the Buffalo Sabres go from last place to the playoffs? There are may intriguing and legitimate questions that NHL fans have been waiting a long time to be answered, and now it is finally time for the highly anticipated season to start.


Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their new mascot Gritty, who is taking the NHL by storm.


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