Rye Students Love Yoga

Rye Students Love Yoga

Emmet Carroll and Cameron Lawrence

The community of Rye loves yoga, and we went around to get opinions on what places provide a great overall experience. Students narrowed it down to three places: Beyond Yoga with Janet, Bikram Yoga Rye Brook, and the YMCA.


Beyond Yoga with Janet


Beyond Yoga is very popular among Rye students, particularly Junior Kristin Chapman who said “Beyond Yoga with Janet is really fun and relaxing. The classes I’ve done usually focus on learning different poses and taking deep breaths. My favorite part of Janet’s class is the end when we go into ‘shavasana.’ This is where everyone lies on their backs and Janet plays music and does a guided meditation. After a Beyond Yoga class I always find that my stress has melted away. “

Bikram Yoga Rye Brook

BYRB is definitely one of the most talked about yoga locations by Rye students and the community as a whole. Anyone is welcome to join, and Senior Annie Kirkpatrick said “I love when the older men and women come in and try yoga!” Sticking with the theme of inclusiveness, Junior Leah Kenny said “I love Bikram Yoga and how welcoming everybody is!”

The community also loves Bikram Yoga, as Carl Friedrich Jr., Father of Rye baseball star Henry Friedrich, describes it as “an incredible form of training that can benefit people of all ages.”

Rye YMCA Yoga


Everyone is welcome to try new things at the Y, and many of our students have used that inclusive attitude to their advantage by taking up yoga. Freshman varsity football player Alex Tepedino says, “YMCA yoga is very beneficial for the recovery process after an enduring workout.” Junior soccer player Connor Camacho avidly expresses his love for yoga, saying “I do yoga from time to time at the Rye YMCA and it helps clear my mind and keep me flexible with helps in sports”


Go out and try Yoga!