The Best Article’s Produced by The Seniors

Johnny Cronin

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Often engaged in a less than productive dialogue at their self selected “senior” table, the group of Mining senior editors did produce some noteworthy articles this year. Here are some the highlights.

Max Kenney: Max worked on 15 articles this school year, and the most memorable piece of work he contributed to was the Fortnite Article

Peter Ackerman: Peter worked on 18 articles this school year, his favorite article that he worked on this year was a combined effort with Miles Goldman, American Vandal Movie Review

Liam White: Liam worked on 19 articles this year, although he was loud at times, he  was very productive throughout the year, his favorite article was his highly anticipated Senior Spring Break Trip

Jack Hartman: Jack has produced 22 extremely solid pieces of work.  Jack was a good tour guide at CSPA (Columbia Scholastic Press Association), but was a terrible NBA anaylyst.  His favorite article that he worked on this year was, 2018 New Years Resolutions: Seniors !

Miles Goldman: Miles worked and contributed towards 26 articles this year.  Miles came into class everyday with a great mood, ready to write articles.  His favorite article this year was his, Another Snow Day, in which he was expressing his lack of patience for this years, never ending winter.

Ben Grigg: Ben was apart of the Mine staff for 2 years and produced 26 articles this year! Ben’s favorite article he contributed to was, What Two Years on The Garnet Mine Taught Us!

Hall Luthringer: Hall was a great contributor to the Mine the past 2 years, contributing towards 46 articles in his 2 years.  Hall’s favorite article that he worked on this year, was, SOTD 10/23- Will Chader

Carl Friedrich: Carl has written 11 articles this year for the Mine and his favorite article was the, Senior Internships- Where Are People Working? Carl was also responsible for daily sports score reporting and generation of the polls.

Michael Weinstein: Mike is also a 2 year contributor on the Mine, and wrote 12 articles this year. Michael’s most memorable article was his iconic, Top 10 Fortnite Seniors, in the grade!

Alex Goldstein: Alex contributed towards 17 Articles this year and is also been on the Mine staff for 2 years.  Alex’s most memorable article was the New Years Article!

Good luck to all the seniors who took part in growing the Mine to where it is today…