Burst Mode!

Digital Photography students experiment with action photography

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After looking closely at the work of Youtube photographic sensation Jordan Matter, a class of Digital Photography students completed a project utilizing an open shutter, or burst mode, to produce a portfolio of images capturing action or movement.

As a high end photographer Mr. Matter uses top of the line DSLR photo equipment to capture his subjects. He visited the school this past winter and shot one of his 10 Minute Photo Challenges at Rye High School inspiring many of the photography students. The Intro Digital Students are mostly using smartphone cameras and focusing on the portability of the super camera technology right in their pockets, where with burst mode and the right lighting they can get some great results.

Freshmen Quinn Roche said,”The burst mode really helps the photographer capture the specific, desired moment of the action.”

Samantha Mosconi said, “Burst mode made it easy to capture an exciting moment and to make sure you got the best part of that specific action. Without burst mode the pictures will turn out blurry.”

For the specific assignment students were expected to get out and shoot people, or objects, or living things in motion using burst mode. 9th grader Emma Kahle said,”I like the assignment because I got to get out of the house and do something worth while and enjoyable.  It is difficult to capture an action shot on the first try, which made it fun to try and capture the perfect shot.”

Hannah Lloyd said,”I could observe how things around are moving all the time, and how a camera can capture a perfect a moment.”