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Why Having a Morning Routine is Important

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This type of routine will immediately have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. If every day you wake up and feel tired and don’t wanna get out of bed, when you have a morning routine it will set your tone for the whole  day  and if you do it correctly it will have a huge impact on your life.

When you start your morning routine it really starts with how you’re managing your time at night, as you wind down you should limit yourself from your electric devices, and fall asleep by reading  a book for about 20 min. As you do this you’ll find that when you wake up the next morning you have more energy rather having your phone from last night.

The first for starting your morning routine to immediately drink 12 oz of water or more After 6-10 hours without any liquid, you need to rehydrate and wake yourself up. Drinking water is a great way to kickstart your metabolism.

The next is to begin stretching for about 7 min and maybe do a few pushups to do get your body active and get blood flowing throughout your body, it will shake off the grogginess and get ready for an active day. After that I take a cold shower for about 3 min, this is my most important step in my morning routine. After I complete this task you feel 10 times better and feel like you can accomplish any goal that’s in front off you. Also you feel much more energized and alive. If you’re considering it, be prepared for discomfort at first, but also look forward to feeling more energized  than you have before. Also, it has numerous health benefits.  After the shower I dry off and begin to brush my teeth and get dressed and also moisturize a little bit.

The second to last step and also second most important is I begin my mediation for about ten minutes I use the app simple habit, its a great app and makes time go fast, by meditating it clears your mind and the thoughts around you and gain focus throughout the day and also makes you more sociable. The last and final step I usually write down what goals I have to do throughout the day, and accomplish the first thing I need to do, before checking your phone in the morning. Some days I throw in a very last thing which is things  that I’m grateful for. Probably say 3 things, because when you have gratuity, it comes back towards you in a positive way in your life. 

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Why Having a Morning Routine is Important