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March For Our Lives: NYC

Ella Garnett, Editor

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On Saturday, March 24th, 2018, millions of people marched all over the world in protest of the lack of gun-control in the United States. Following the shooting at Marjory-Stoneman Douglas High School, the March for Our Lives movement was inspired and founded by the students in Parkland, Florida.  The hashtags #NeverAgain and #Enough coursed through twitter, motivating people everywhere to speak up against the NRA and an unresponsive government. Marches took place in cities all over the U.S. and even in other countries; the one I took part in was in New York City.

March from 72nd street

Early Saturday my friend Lily Polito and I took the train to Grand Central, toting posterboard signs reading, “Never Again. How many more have to die before a change is made?” and, “Protect Kids, not guns.”  We made our way to the subway and as soon as we hopped on a man asked, “Are you heading to the march?” I nodded, and he smiled back. The minute we exited the subway on 60th, a large mass of people appeared in front of us, chanting anti-gun sentiments. There’s a rush of adrenaline that comes with seeing that many people marching for a cause they all believe in. The police had most entrance points blocked off, so we had to hike up to 72nd. Along the whole 12-block stretch we walked, the streets were packed sidewalk to sidewalk. When we finally made it into the march, it was surreal. I stuck my poster in the air and joined in on chants like “Hey hey, ho ho, the NRA has got to go.” It was a beautiful day, and as the sun shone down on the streets filled with people, I couldn’t help but believe that change was on the horizon. There were people from all walks of life, stomping down the streets, fighting for the integral cause of saving lives. You could feel the frustration in the air, over a country that was divided, but you could see the passion in the sheer number of people that marched. By far the most moving (and comical) moment of the day was when we walked past Trump Tower. The whole crowd surged into mob-like chanting, saying “Shame” and “Throw Him Out.” It was a serious moment of true outrage, but there was also a sense of comfort in the unity of such a large group of people. 

Two parents marching with baby daughter

After walking over thirty blocks, my friend and I ate burgers and then hopped on the train. We were exhausted but moved by the power of numbers. The people of America are screaming out for gun-control, and we can see it in the sheer number of people who marched Saturday. Many will argue that change can’t possibly be made, especially by teenagers, but standing in that crowd it’s apparent that change IS possible. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Fighting for gun-control is worth it because of the children who marched on Saturday. It’s worth it because of the lives it will save. It’s all we can do to honor the people who have already been lost.

Subway ride to march


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  1. Logan Emerson Spillane on March 29th, 2018 10:58 am

    May i ask, what YOUR reforms and actions you would take to apply more gun control?

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March For Our Lives: NYC