Caroline Kacha- Athlete of the Week, Girls Squash


This week’s athlete of the week is the #3 player on the girls varsity squash ladder, Caroline “Kina” Kacha.

Every year the team goes to nationals and Kacha says, “I’ve never been happier when we attend the event each year.” She also commented, “The team bonds and I get to play some really great players from all around the country. It’s an unforgettable experience and I always look forward to it.” The varsity team placed third at Nationals last year and they have won the Fair West League the past three years.

Tony Campbell is the varsity squash coach and Kina said, “he’s the most free-spirited and caring coach I’ve ever had. I’m so fortunate to have him.” Campbell also commented that she is a “great leader and the heart and soul of the team.” Her teammate Caroline Baldwin said, “Kina is always getting the team excited for every match and always works hard to improve her game!”

Kina has been a member of the girls golf team the past 3 years on top of playing squash year round while participating in silver and gold tournaments. Her top two colleges only have club squash teams, but the programs are looking to get promoted to a varsity level. Kina said that she would look forward to playing for either program.

This past fall, she received the outstanding accomplishment of the senior female student of the quarter. Kina is respected among all of her peers and she is always a friend to everyone. Personally speaking, she will always be there for you and she cares about everyone that crosses her path. She is truly a remarkable individual and I wish her the best in her future successes.