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2016-2017 Staff

Ben Grigg


Ben Grigg is a junior at Rye High School, and joined the Garnet Mine during its first year. Ben enjoys reporting on professional sports, and will be doing weekly articles on the NFL and NBA throughout the year. Ben joined The...

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Will Koester


Will Koester, a senior at Rye High School,  joined the Garnet Mine in its first year, and is excited to keep writing articles for everyone to enjoy, and see what the Garnet Mine becomes.  With the Garnet Mine, he has previously...

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Kyle Doran


A junior at Rye High School, Kyle Doran, joins the Garnet Mine in its first year as a publication.  Kyle Doran is a three sport Varsity athlete, he plays Football, Basketball and Lacrosse.  He will be writing many sports articles...

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Hall Luthringer


Hall Luthringer, 'Luth',  is a junior at RHS and a member of the Garnet Mine team. He enjoys delivering sports scores and sports news to the community, as well as nominating people for "student of the day." Boating, skiing,...

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Miles Goldman


Miles Goldman, "MG", a junior at Rye High School, joins the Garnet Mine after a year of writing for the Garnet and Black Newspaper month publication, where he is eager to input his monthly reviews of TV and movies towards The...

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Brendan Fox


Brendan Fox is a senior at Rye High School. Brendan joined The Garnet Mine team because of his interest for journalism and participating in the school year round. Brendan is a 2 sport varsity member, receiving a total of 5 varsity...

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Michael Weinstein


Michael Weinstein also known as "Wein" a junior at Rye High School is a member of both Web Journalism and the Rye High School Varsity Football team. Michael is a very dedicated athlete and student in school and works hard to achieve...

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Rafael Rodriguez


Rafael Rodriguez, a senior, is the Design Editor of the Yearbook. He joined Web Journalism to expand his interest in journalism and design. Rafael is a part of the Varsity Track and Field team. He is also the president of Awards...

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Cecilia Wall


Cecilia Wall, a senior, is excited to be involved in the Garnet Mine's debut year. She is a four year member of the track and field team and a committee member for the awards assemblies. As an editor for the Garnet Mine, Cecilia...

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Stephanie Toledano


Stephanie Toledano is a senior who has joined Web Journalism because of her love for reading and writing. Working as a member of the Garnet Mine is her first time to ever participate in the news experience. Stephanie enjoys being...

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Ileana Reese


Senior, Ileana Reese, has been interested in journalism since her freshman year at Rye High School. After joining the school's Garnet and Black newspaper club, Ileana found an interest that she knew she would want to pursue throughout...

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Cyrus Vahabzadeh


Cyrus Vahabzadeh is a senior at Rye High School. He is excited to help start up the website and produce articles for the school. Cyrus is a three year varsity soccer player and the CEO and Founder of the Investment Club. As an...

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Emily Jackson


Emily Jackson is currently a Junior at Rye High School. Her favorite classes are English and AP Environmental Science. She is also on the Varsity Girls Swim Team and an active member of the Baking a Difference club. In this club,...

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Megan Mali


Megan is currently a junior at Rye High School. She is on the Squash and Track & Field team. Her favorite classes include Math and AP Psychology. Megan really enjoys the class, Web Journalism. She likes how there is a variety...

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Alex Goldstein


Alex Goldstein is a Junior at Rye High School. He is on the varsity football and lacrosse teams. Alex is in Web Journalism to better his writing skills and deliver sports news to the community. Alex particularly enjoys writing...

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Paul Franzetti


Paul Franzetti is a senior who joins the Garnet Mine in its debut year. He is most interested in writing about both professional sports and school sports. He was the Girls Tennis beat reporter during the fall season and wrote...

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Mark Woort-Menker


A senior at Rye High School, joins the Garnet Mine for the first time to get experience for what he wants to major in college. Mark has been a part of the JV Soccer team his freshman and sophomore year until injuries hampered...

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Sara Buffone


Sara Buffone, a senior, is interested in studying journalism in college and thought that taking Web Journalism would be a great opportunity to get an early start. She has always loved writing and loves what the class has to offer;...

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Shannon Ryan


Shannon Ryan is currently a Junior. She is on the Varsity Squash team and Crew team. She started a new club this year, called Baking A Difference, and is an active member of the student council. Her favorite classes include AP...

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Zack Samberg


Zack Samberg, a senior joins the Garnet Mine in its first year as a publication. Zack is a three-year varsity Lacrosse player and a two-year varsity Basketball player. He has also been apart of the Investment Club and the Rye...

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Charlie Nagle


Charlie Nagle is a senior who looks to greatly contribute to the up and running school website, The Garnet Mine. He is most interested in posting sports articles and writing "student of the days" for his classmates. This past...

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Kyle Gardner


  Kyle Gardner, a junior joins the Garnet Mine after two years writing for the Garnet and Black monthly publication. Kyle has been apart of the Boys Varsity Golf Team for three years, and also is a weekly participator...

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Tony Campbell


Mr. Campbell has been the Rye Stagecoach Yearbook adviser for seven years. After visiting a handful of workshops on Web Journalism at the annual  Columbia Scholastic press association conference he began work on creating the...

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